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Thread: Wonderous Boys

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    Sorceress; thanks, I like Orpheus Robin Brage and Theoden Arcas Herne a lot!!!

    Mikayla; Thanks for the comments! I am a huge Tolkien fan, my father started reading those books to me when I was very little (5-ish) so they're ahuge part of. And Theoden's one of my favourite characters.

    Aurora; I know!!! How brilliant is Elessar? I've wanted to drag my hair out again and again because of Aragorn... and Elessar is just a beautiful, subtle way to honour him and the books. And it's so beautiful. Strider does fit in with those other -er names, that's right. Theoden is one of the Tolkien names that really work as a first because it sounds so familiar. And he was so good, I love the Rohan stuff in LOTR. When I see Theoden (and Eomer, Eowyn, Rohirrim and so on) I hear the Rohan music from the movies... Romulus and Remus, I went back and forth, but my brother (who has become the person in my family I run names by) said it sounds silly in Norwegian (mus is mouse). Isn't Idris lovely? I absolutely adore this name. Ooh, I'm so happy you commented, and I hope you'll be back with some combos for me!!!
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    I really need to visit the boys thread more often...

    I am absolutely awful at combos, but I did want to say your boys names are utter perfection. Galileo and Orpheus just make me happy. I like Hector with Orpheus, and your Galileo combo is lovely.

    I wish I had a way with combos. You have so many great names there and dare I say it, I may like them more than the girls.... (Except Morgana, she's delicious)

    My husband says that if you have three children named Aphrodite, Morgana, and Orpheus he volunteers to babysit because "you'd have the most kick a** time with kids named that" I think he may have a small name crush on you. Lol.
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    Casimir Antony Herne is my favorite too. I also love Theoden, Ellase rand Idris. Wanted to throw in Therron.
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    Theoden Antony Rainier is my very favorite combo of the names you have listed.

    Orpheus Robin Lewis and Casimir Sebastian Thor are alright, too.

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    Yay! I'm glad you liked so many, and so many of MY personal picks ;-) Although I guess that doesn't make the decision any easier, does it!

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