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    How do 3 names work & why do it?

    So I'm from the states & never really heard someone say they have 3 names & a surname. Growing up all forms only have one middle initial spot & Im not sure there would ech be room on a drivers license - ect.

    How does it work, & why do it ? No offense of course, just curios

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    I strongly considered giving my daughter two, but we didn't because we had enough trouble agreeing on two names.

    My boyfriend has two middles. He only puts the first on forms, though.
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    How does it work? You just write it in.

    Why do it? So you can use more names.

    It's traditional for some people, but honestly they're very rarely used (maybe on your wedding invitations if you're being very formal or by flowery preteens) and it's obviously unnecessary. Some people just like the way they sound.

    But then, middle names in general are rarely used. I can only think of a handful of people who even know what my middle name is and most forms only ask for your middle initial.

    So I guess, if you like the way it sounds then do it. I can't see that it hurts anything.
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    In my family it has been a tradition for generations. One middle name is chosen, and the second middle name is Hawaiian and usually given by another member of the family. This is VERY common for people from Hawaii.

    I usually just give both initials. If there is room for only one I use my first.

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    All my family and my husband's family only have two names, a first and a middle, but I know a few people who have given three to their children. One of my friends isn't married, the baby took her boyfriend's surname and she used her name as the second middle, as it's also a name that is used for boys in its own right (think Scott, but not). Another used the middles to honour a family member from each side of the family, rather than try and combine them into one or leave one side out. My daughter's friend has two middles just because her parents couldn't decide so they thought they might as well use both.
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