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    How bad is the flow for Marguerite Davis?

    We only want to use a family surname for the middle name and almost all of them don't go with Marguerite either because they start with F (don't want MF initials) or T (I think it is difficult to say with the ending of Marguerite) and Davis isn't much better because I feel like the D sound sort of runs into the end of Marguerite.

    How bad does it sound to you?
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    I don't have any trouble with the -ite flowing into the D, but when I say Marguerite the emphasis is on the last syllable, and Davis's emphasis is on the first. It's not a big deal, it still works for me, and for a family name I'll shrug off most things like that.

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    I think Marguerite Davis works quite well actually.
    Good move on avoiding the MF initials

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    I don't hold surnames as middle names to near the same 'flow' standards as most middle names. Marguerite Davis isn't ideal, but it's not bad at all. I don't think it's a problem.

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