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    Baby Name Game; Generation 1, Round 3

    Family #1:

    Paisley Gweneth and Sean Bradley Coromay are kind of unsure about the news. Paisley is expecting triplets. Josiah is five, Hannah is four, and the triplets (two girls, one boy) are due in two months. Sean wants the first names to continue the biblical theme, as his family has very strong religious perspectives. Paisley wants the middle names to be pretty outrageous.

    DS: Josiah Blaze [niiskuneiti]
    DD: Hannah Lily [aubreylitchfield]

    Family #2:

    Tatianna Leilani and Andrew Cameron Ellis have just renewed their marital vows, and it turns out Tatianna is pregnant again! It's another boy, and she's decided to give him a color name, to match the others, however the color cannot be a shade of white, purple, or blue. The middle name should be five letters.

    DD: Ivory Tatianna
    DD: Violet Christina [mam2321]
    DS: Caspian Cruz [shanade213]

    Family #3:

    Rhiannon Rose Fields is back with her baby-daddy, Vincent. She's having another set of twins, but poor Rowan, it's two more girls. The first names should start with R's. The middle names should start with V's.

    DD & DS: Riley Isobel & Rowan Gabriel [tmnt1996]
    DD: Reagan September [aubreylitchfield]

    Family #4:

    Savannah Quinn and Austin Taylor Caniffay were sure Kendra would be the last baby, but as it turns out, Savannah is adding another baby boy to the Caniffay clan. His first name should start with a K, and his middle name should continue the alphabetical pattern, making his middle name start with an H.

    DS: Keelor Austin
    DD/DD: Kaicey Bristol & Keanna Cassidy
    DS: Kellan Daniel
    DS/DD: Kaiden Emerson & Kelsey Francesca [wanderlux]
    DD: Kendra Giselle [poeticxtac]

    Family #5:

    Janelle Isobella Liateck and Ayanna Nicole Romero have decided to even out the genders, and give Ember a little sister to play with. The ladies are adopting a little girl from South Africa. Ayanna wants her first name to be a country/city/province in Africa. And Janelle wants her middle name to start with a vowel.

    DS: Alexander Dmitri "Xander" [mam2321]
    DS/DD: Kai Seth & Ember Brooke [wanderlux]

    Family #6:

    Rachael Annaliese & Lucas Edgar Moreno are unexpectedly giving Dakota, Jordan, Dylan, and Spencer baby sisters. The girls' first names should be unisex. One middle name should honor Rachael's mother, Heather Paige Khorney. The other should honor Lucas' mother, Jeniffer Lisa Borcan.

    DS: Dakota Lucas
    DD: Jordan Belle [jessicajanex17]
    DS/DS: Dylan Riley & Spencer Bailey [poeticxtac]

    Family #7:

    Courtney Vanessa West and Kyler Jonathan Hull are now remarried. Kyler is 19, Cadence is 17, Zoey is 9, and the triplets are 3. Courtney has just announced she's pregnant for the last time. Big Kyler is thinking about a nature name, but it can't be a flower. And Courtney says the middle name must be uncommon, but not made-up.

    DS: Kyler Jonathan Hull Jr.
    DD: Cadence Lillianna Hull
    DD: Zoey Brienna [bailibsum]
    DS/DD/DD: Dillon Zeus & Savannah Clio & Scarlett Daphne [mam2321]

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