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  • Yes, it is a usable name

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  • Yes, though I strongly associate it with Mrs. Lestrange

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  • No, I do not think it is usable

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  • No, I associate the name strongly with Mrs. Lestrange

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  • Indifferent

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    Is Bellatrix usable?

    No I don't plan on using this name or adding it to the list, just curious.

    So I googled Bellatrix and was surprised to discover it was the 27th brightest star in the sky and one of the few stars that would easily lend itself to name. I thought that was really cool. However with this search most of the pictures that come up were for Bellatrix Lestrange.
    I also googled 'is Bellatrix usable?' and on the Q&As a good chunk of people (though not everyone) said no as they automatically associate it with Mrs. Lestrange.

    For me, Bellatrix is reminiscent of Beatrix, Isabella, Trixie and Belle which are common enough names, so I never exclusively associated her with the name or would assume that anyone using the name would be essentially naming a child after this character.

    Bellatrix Lestrange is a sociopath so I can understand the concerns for people who strongly associate the name with her, despite the fact that it was a pre-existing star and Ms Rowling did not invent the name.

    So I am setting up a poll for this but you can feel free to leave the comments below.
    I am also leaving this question and Poll indefinately open so anyone else interested can just bump this to get new responses.

    NB I closed the old thread (ironically^^) and opened a new one as I didn't mean to ask if you liked the name. I meant to ask if you consider it usable or unusable without the association to Mrs. Lestrange
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    Well i certainly like the name... However when i see the name it automatically puts it in association with Bellatrix Lestrange....
    I voted no but im more in the maybe column.. I think she could make the name her own and then the association would be for a lovely little girl.. Not a very strange fictional lady..

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    does this mean I should open a maybe column in a new thread?

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