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    Are you planning on having more children? If you use Isobel, you may feel like you need to come up with another "I" name to fit with your other kids.

    I really love both Camilla Joy and Matilda Joy.
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    I am going to pick one for each name. I love your son's name and I think your boy choice is fabulous.

    Camilla Joyce- For me I just think when I say Camilla Joyce it flows better. It sounds off to me with Joy.
    Camilla Joyce Tamsin- If you wanted a double middle I like this combo a lot. It flows all the way through. and is beautiful.

    Isobel Tamsin- I love this, I am a sucker for Isobel I think it is so romantic and beautiful. And Tamsin is a great middle. I love the two together.

    Matilda Joy- With Matilda I feel it is such a playful name that adding Joy keeps that same vibe. I can picture it on a bubbly little girl.

    If I had to put them in order from favorite to least favorite I would choose:
    Isobel Tamsin
    Matilda Joy
    Camilla Joyce
    Camilla Joyce Tamsin

    Good luck!
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    I vote for Matilda Joy! So cute.
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    Isobel by far! I can respect Matilda, and I do like Camilla, but I love Isobel (and obviously, Isabelle is my favorite spelling, haha, but I do like the Scottish Isobel, as well!). I think Isaac and Isobel are nice together. A bit matchy with the "Is" beginnings, but I had considered the possibility that one day, I might end up with an Isabelle and an Isaac, and I'm not terribly opposed to the idea. I think they work, because the sounds at the beginning are pretty different. I like Isobel Tamsin a lot.

    I think Isaac and Matilda (Tilly? I love Tilly!) or Isaac and Camilla are lovely, too, though. Isobel is my favorite, followed by Matilda (mainly because of Tilly!). I love Camilla (and the nns Callie and Millie), but I am just not loving it here.

    Good luck!
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    Camilla Joyce Tamsin (or any of the other Camilla combinations really, this is just my favourite because I think it flows really well) would be my pick. I also really like Matilda, and I think both Camilla and Matilda work really well with Isaac (and all three are some of my favourites!).

    I would steer away from Isobel, I love Isobel (especially this spelling, my love for it dwindles when it's written as Isabelle) but I don't think it works with Isaac, they sound too matchy for me. I'm not a fan with continuing initials for consecutive children, and Isobel and Isaac start with the same two initials, which is overly matchy and, while both are beautiful names, it's the sort of 'clever matching' that is often seen on twins (and makes me want to rip my hair out).

    Also, I really love Miles Theodore as well. So essentially, I love all your names and prospective names, just some not together.

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