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Thread: Ever meet #58?

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    Ever meet #58?

    Serenity is number 58, which I had no idea but makes sense for her lovely obvious serene attitude.

    I feel like seeing that number is a automatic turn off.

    How do you feel about Serenity & have you ever met one?

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    I'm personally not a huge fan of it - it feels a little tacky to me (but that's totally just me). I love Serena however! (Weird how these things work!) I don't think I've ever met a Serena -- but I have met a little Selina (she's German, actually, very tiny and about 11. She's made me love the name!)
    On the track of Serenity: I've met a baby Amity, a few Felicitys and a couple of Veritys.

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    I knew a woman who gave her daughters very unusual flighty spiritual first and middle names--one of which was Serenity. I think both daughters go by their initials to avoid embarrassment. Serenity makes me think of funerals and cemeteries.

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    I think Serenity is a pretty name! And at some point, a girl named Serenity could go by Sera, or any other nickname she chose. Personally, I have never met anyone of any age with that name...I'm surprised it's that high up!

    Perhaps there are certain regions/cities where it's popular, or is favored by different ethnic/religious groups? Try looking at state popularity charts for the area of the country you live in or wish to live in. That may help

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    I love Serenity! I think it's a very beautiful name. I've never met anyone with the name, but I'd love to. ^_^
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