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    Fable, Clairty, Verity - Totally Usable?

    Virtue, Clarity, Verity - whats your opinion on these or general Puritan Names?

    What about Fable? Does she seem like a bad idea with her moral points & fairy tales?

    What would you think if you met a little one wiyh similar names?

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    I'm not at all sure about Virtue, Fable, or Clarity as 'real person' names. I certainly think you could, but I'm not sure if you should.
    (Although, heaven knows, they'd certainly be better than some of these crazy trendy names I've heard lately. At least these don't make me cringe inside!)

    Personally, I LOVE the old Puritan names. I think they are often overlooked, unusual, interesting, but still viable names.
    Verity is actually at the top of my list for my baking girl.

    My Guilty Pleasure names are Memory and Remember - both old Puritan names.

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    Out of the Puritan virtue names, I only like Verity. Virtue is too much a word name, and Clarity doesn't strike me like Verity does.
    Fable is nice enough- I prefer it more in the middle spot.

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    Yeah I was trying to think of random underused ones, honestly when I was younger I still didnt understand why people would be called faith. Thats why I was curious about people who enjoy them

    & Memory is cute, I love that these could have meaning to us but what would you think meeting one on the street?

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    Verity is pretty, and the only one I would use of the list.
    I also love Amity, Constance and Felicity.

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