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    I like Rosalie Jane the best with Olivia and Annabelle.
    Lilly Jane is also stunning- this would be my second choice!
    Good luck!
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    I would definitely use Jane as the nn as it is your last opportunity so that rules out Josephine, Goldie, and Lily. Tis is not a big loss because you have several other great choices. I would stay away from Amelia because it has same first initial as her sister.

    With Olivia and Annabelle, my favorites are Rosalie Jane and Delilah Jane.
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    Amelia Jane or Rosalie Jane, I like. Personally Amelia is a bit too popular for my taste. Rosalie is my favourite.

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    I especially like Rosalie and Delilah. In that order. Both with Jane. Sweet name choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    I'd try to use Jane if it's important to you, so cut any names this doesn't match (Goldie, Josephine and Lilly). Olivia and Annabelle are gorgeous classic names, so I'd try to choose another with a similar feel. I'd cut Delilah, Calliope, Everly and Melody because they're either a bit trendy or don't match very well with siblings' names. That leaves you with Amelia, Emily, Penelope and Rosalie. I think they're all lovely. If you want to make more cuts, maybe get rid of Amelia because it starts with the same letter as Annabelle (or don't worry if that doesn't bother you). I think Emily is exceedingly popular, so I'd be choosing between Penelope and Rosalie. Maybe the Penelope Phillips (double P initials) is a problem? Not necessarily, but that leaves you with Rosalie Jane, which is beautiful.

    Olivia, Annabelle and Rosalie. Gorgeous.
    My thoughts exactly.

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