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    A few combinations I'm considering

    Atticus Jude Bennett
    Finn Logan Bennett
    Fox Milo Bennett
    Leo Atticus Bennett
    Miles Finley Bennett
    Milo Fox Bennett
    Milo Atticus Bennett
    Rory Finn Bennett
    Rory Milo Bennett
    Rory Miles Bennett

    What do you think? I gor rid of graham and August they just didn't feel like the right ones.

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    You have some awesome combinations here!

    My favorites are:

    1. Leo Atticus Bennett
    2. Miles Finley Bennett
    3. Rory Finn Bennett

    Good luck in deciding on the right name!

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    Atticus Jude Bennett - I prefer Jude to Atticus but this combo flows well.
    Finn Logan Bennett - I don't like the shared "n" endings.
    Fox Milo Bennett - Fox does nothing for me. I think it would be better in the middle spot.
    Leo Atticus Bennett - This is probably my fave!
    Miles Finley Bennett - This names sound good together but I prefer Miles
    Milo Fox Bennett - I love Milo Bennett!
    Milo Atticus Bennett - Atticus is better than Fox as a mn.
    Rory Finn Bennett - Very Irish.I don't like the Finn-Benn sound.
    Rory Milo Bennett - OK but I can't imagine a grown man named Rory.
    Rory Miles Bennett - See Rory Milo
    All the best,

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    Rory Finn Bennett is my favorite combination!
    ♧ mama to finnegan alexander [11.29.15] ♧
    ♧ a wee one due [08.03.17] ♧
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    Anyone else ?

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