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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    Since there is a kind of falcon called a Peregrine though, if your surname sounds VERY much like "owlett" maybe it's not the best?
    Peregrine would be my favourite too, but I hadn't realised this either! Will that bother you a lot? Does it just rhyme with 'owlett' (like Mowlutt or something) or does it look like it too (e.g. Owlut)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by owlett View Post
    Hello dear Berries!

    I hit name overload and have been away for a while, but I'm glad to be back.

    Our September Sibling turns out to be our first boy! He arrived on the 6th and now he needs a name.

    We are torn between:

    Elias -- Eli

    Elwin -- Win, or possibly Eli

    Peregrine -- Perrin or Penn

    With Caspian -- Ian, waiting in the wings.

    Honorable mentions (aka those declined by Papa) include Emrys/Ambrose, Anslem, Rune, Tove, Eamon, Merit and Asa.

    We will mostly likely use Willian or Crossman after baby's paternal G Grandfather; Papa is leaning towards William. But, in a vacuum I would likely name him Peregrine Emrys.

    We would like to continue our tradition of including one saint, and one literary reference.

    Big sisters are Cor@ Adel@ide and Ve$per Irene. Last name sounds like Owlett.

    We're so torn that we would love to hear any input your clever minds have. We are open to suggestions, as always. <3
    Elwin Asa
    Peregrine Elias
    ^^ my suggestions which I like.
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    Our last name is Owlett with an H in front. I don't think a bird theme will be noticeable. We do have a "thing" for owls though. I do dearly love Peregrine.

    New middle name possibility, Ballentine, after Papa's maternal grandmother -- it keeps with the tradition he and his brothers have of a maternal family surname in the middle. Torn about whom to honor (babe's maternal great grandmother or paternal great grandfather - both very important to our family) with only two names to chose from. Papa feels like he would prefer two "first" names so babe can go by his middle should he end up disliking his first. Fair enough, but Ballentine and Crossman are both so dashing!

    As much as I cling to Peregrine and Caspian babe is seeming more and more like an Eli....! But Elias is my least favorite literary connection (though it IS Biblical), though I like the sound and meaning better than Elwin. I'm also a little concerned about popularity since its in the top 150 (plus the Eli's and Elijah's) and we do have at least one Elias under 2 in our circle. Elwin is, of course, Papa's favorite character. Ever. Eli from Elwin seems forced, but Win is sweet. Meaning of Elwin is not my favorite.

    Peregrine has both a saint and a meaningful literary reference going for it. It's my favorite meaning, all about the transitory nature of life ln earth; pilgram and traveler. Add William as a middle and he is a defender of the pilgrim, the one seeking God. I just don't know if Perrin or Penn suits him. And they are both so close to Pippa, which is Vesper's nickname.

    And Caspian, while I love the strength and imagery of this name (very dignified) and, of course Lewis' Narnia, Prince Caspian isn't a character we have a lot of connection to. And the historical meaning isn't overwhelming.

    Okay, now I'm rambling. Thanks for letting me think "out loud!" You're input has been helpful! Thanks everyone.
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    Edited for privacy.
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    Thank you, Saracita, for your encouragement!!!!

    We have 30 days in VA, and we took 29 of them with Pip. Her birth cert was late (though ironically not just because of her name) and it was kind of a PITA. I'd rather NOT go through that hassle again.

    I love love love names. Always have. But sometimes I wish someone would just whisper the "right" name in my ear when it comes to my own kiddos. lol
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