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    So you asked for it. Norse names are hard as not all of them are very pretty...

    Ailill (this is actually a king in Irish mythology, but it sounds very feminine to my ears)
    Ainsel (English folklore name, a fairy)
    Alice/Alys/Alix (Alice in Wonderland... )
    Amunet (Egyptian Goddess of invisibility)
    Aphra (Aphra Behn!)
    Apsara (celestial beings in Hindu mythology)
    Aradia (Roman witch Goddess, daughter of Diana and Lucifer)
    Aricina (epithet of Diana)
    Asherah (Semitic Goddess referred to as "Queen of Heaven")
    Bastet (Egyptian Goddess of... CATS)
    Beata ("blessed", I always think of the gorgeous painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Beata Beatrix (of Beatrice Portinari))
    Berenice/Veronica (the wife if Ptolemy I)
    Beyla (Attendant of Freyja)
    Boadicea (the English Queen)
    Branwen (Welsh mythology, chick turned into a raven)
    Caliadne (nymph)
    Cassia (just because it's cute. I love cinnamon! You could say it's short for Cassiopeia or Cassandra)
    Castina (epithet of Venus)
    Cecily (Queen of the Elves in The Faerie Queene)
    Charmian (Cleopatra's servant in Antony & Cleopatra)
    Cissea (epithet of Athene; "to wreath with ivy". You probably knew that already but it's the best meaning ever and I'll mention it as much as I can!)
    Cloelia (a Roman girl who saved lots of people during a Roman war)
    Constance (it's beautiful. I think Constance Chatterley (Lady Chatterley's Lover) is one of the best women ever written)
    Cydonia (epithet of Athene)
    Cyrene (amazing huntress nymph)
    Dagmar (Scandinavian, a Icelandic legend)
    Egeria (nymph)
    Eglantine (the wild rose! the flower of Elizabeth I.)
    Eilir ("butterfly" or "spring", Alban Eilir)
    Eimryja (Norse, one of Logi's beautiful daughters. "ember")
    Eisa (same as above, "glowing embers")
    Elgiva ("elf gift"!!! Anglo Saxon. Also Elveve and Elveva)
    Ellisiv (Norwegian form of Elizabeth)
    Embla (Norse, the first woman)
    Eostre/Ostara (Germanic Goddess of the spring)
    Eudora (one of the Hyades (like I needed to tell you))
    Evelake (actually a male name, but it seems rather girlie to me. A king)
    Everild (a saint's name. I just think it's beautiful)
    Feronia (Roman fertility Goddess)
    Finvola (a gorgeous Irish folksong, Finvola's a wild flower girl)
    Florimell (The Faerie Queene. She's pretty brave, her lover is wounded and captured and she rides out to rescue him. She's caught, but still - gumption!)
    Fortuna (Roman Goddess of luck (both good and bad))
    Gaia (Greek earth Goddess)
    Gillian (Bell Book and Candle )
    Giselle/Gisela (Charlemagne's sister)
    Godiva (amazing woman)
    Hathor (Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty, women, childbirth, music and dance, often called "lady of the stars")
    Helena (the most beautiful woman in the world. And Helena Bonham Carter)
    Heliabel (Dindrane, Percival's sister)
    Hemera (Goddess of the day)
    Hulda (sorceress in Norse mythology, also beautiful tailed nymphs in Scandinavian folklore)
    Hypatia (the philosopher)
    Idonea/Idhunna (Norse Goddess of youth and apples)
    Inanna (Sumerian Goddess of fertility, "lady sky") or Ishtar (Mesopotamian Goddess)
    Iselin (Norwegian form of Aisling, the faeries swapped for children. "changeling")
    Issoria (epithet of Artemis)
    Junia (popular name among pagan women in Roman times)
    Juventas (Roman Goddess of youth)
    Katell (Breton for Catherine, Catherine the Great was pretty... powerful. Then there's my favourite Cat's; Wuthering Heights and The Taming of the Shrew)
    Laetitia (Roman Goddess of happiness)
    Leucothea ("the white Goddess". Ino's name after she became a Goddess)
    Libera (Roman Fertility Goddess)
    Lilith (I can't remember if you know one of these, but I like it for you)
    Lucia (the saint, but she feels strangely Pagan with the candles in her hair)
    Lucretia (the woman who led to the fall of Rome, not her fault though. And then there's Lucretia Borgia)
    Marfisa (Ruggiero's sister in Orlando Furioso, she's Queen of India)
    Marian (Maid Marian)
    Marzenna (Slavic Goddess of winter and death)
    Maxima (it's pretty. The Dutch Queen is beautiful and amazing)
    Melantha (feminine version of someone in The Odyssey)
    Meredith (it's so pretty!)
    Miranda (The Tempest)
    Morvoren ("sea maiden", the name of a mermaid)
    Myrsina (a Greek fairytale)
    Nanna (Norse Goddess, wife of Balder)
    Nerine/Nerina (a flower, and nymph-like)
    Ninlil (Goddess of air and breath in Egyptian mythology)
    Octavia (Roman woman)
    Ondine (water spirit)
    Orinda ("golden")
    Orlanda/Orlando (Orlando, Charlemagne's military leader, and Virginia Woolf's amazing book (movie with miss Swinton))
    Ortensia (a Roman woman who was very cool)
    Palatyne (one of Melusine's sisters)
    Parthenia (epithet of Artemis)
    Polyxena (Alexander the Great's mama)
    Ragnelle (ugly old woman married to Sir Gawain, after their wedding she revealed herself as a beautiful maiden)
    Sigyn (Loki's wife. Too much?)
    Somerilda (Norse name, "summer battle")
    Sunna (Norse Goddess of the sun)
    Sybilla (The order of prophetesses in Ancient Greece)
    Thalassia (epithet of Aphrodite)
    Thora (Norse, feminine form of Thor, God of Thunder)
    Tiranna (Mesopotamian for Vega, the star)
    Titania (Queen of the Faeries!)
    Tuathla (Ancient Irish Queen)
    Tullia (it's pretty)
    Tyra (Norse, feminine form of Tyr, the God of Heroic Glory)
    Vashti (Bible woman who refused to dance for her husband's pals)
    Venatrix (epithet of Venus)
    Xenia (epithet of Athene)
    Zorya (Slavic Goddess of dawn)
    Zosteria (epithet of Athene)
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    Bellerose -- Thank you. I like Olympia best off your list and Yvonne made me remember how much I love Yvaine/Ygraine.

    Otillie - I knew you'd come back with a huge list. I like:

    Alice -- This is still on our middle list too
    Amunet -- I actually just met a woman when I was getting my new tatto today named this and thought it was fabulous!
    Apollonia -- Love it, would be good for my husband who has a thing for Apollo, but nicknames?
    Boadicea -- I really like this but my family would never know how to say it >.< I'm adding with the middles though since I need new ones
    Cissea -- I really like it. It's hissy, but that's sort of neat.
    Eimiryja -- Gorgeous if I'm saying it right. I don't pronounce the Norse names as good as Cody on the first try. And we considered Ember as a middle anyway. Pronounce it for me so I know I've got it right?
    Eisa -- We already have this on our long list
    Helena -- Besides the Greek myth connection, Helena Bonham Carter is the exact reason I love this name :P
    Idonea/Idhunna -- This used to be on our list and I can't remember why we moved it off
    Inanna -- Wouldn't Nanie be adorable?
    Iselin -- I love this one! Pronounce it for me please so I know for sure.
    Lilith -- A family friend has a daughter named Pandora Lilith, but he doesn't mind if it goes on my list as a first. Persephone and Lilith...It sounds kind of nice ^_^ I just hate Lily >.<
    Lysandra -- This is on our long list too
    Marian -- I love Maid Marian, but is Marian too plain with the others?
    Nanna -- I like it ^_^ It seems too short though
    Sigyn -- I can't keep this one but I don't think it's too much. I can't keep it because we have Voltaire Loki Constantine/ Raphael Loki Constantine on our list
    Xenia -- I like it but I don't want Xena!
    Zosteria -- Gorgeous but I think Cody might say "only a middle" but I have good persuasion skills :P

    I have bunches to think about now ^_^ Feel free to keep suggesting anyone since I'm sure my husband will veto some of these. Also, they don't have to be Greek/Norse. If the first isn't, one of the middles will be. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    yay!! Mission accomplished .

    Apollonia - Polly!!!! Or Loni, Lona, Nia. But Polly rocks!
    Eimyrja - AY-moor-ya
    Helena - I knew you loved Helena Bonham Carter. People who don't are not awesome.
    Inanna - Narnie is flippin adorable!!!!!
    Iselin - EEZ-eh-linn (I think this is soooo beautiful!)
    Marian - Well, I don't think it's plain but I think it's because of Maid Marian... It might be a bit less romantic maybe? I mean, I think it's super romantic, but if I think of the sound, yeah, it's not as fancy maybe.
    Sigyn - That's what I meant, that you're already using Loki!!
    Xenia - that's why I took it off my list!

    Oh, I'm glad you liked some. I might be back tomorrow with more as this is simply too much fun!
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    Astrid comes straight to mind! It's a Norse name and the meaning, 'divinely beautiful', is great
    Although, it does being with A like Amelia, if that even bothers you! haha

    Nala Ivy Cleo Aaliyah Thea Milan
    Kingston Toa Wolf Roman Evander Zion Mana Rafael Onyx

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    I'd love for you to come back Otter :P

    Apollonia - This is my favorite I think. Even though it's an A and I already have a few of those, it won't hurt. I don't even like Polly that much but the more I say it, the more I smile about it. Apolla is sweet too.
    Eimyrja - I was close. I was saying ay-meer-ya
    Helena - Ha of course. I'm actually using Helena Bonham Carter in, well, every role she's ever played, as inspiration for a character in my novel
    Iselin - EEZ-eh-linn -- Well that's better than what I was saying. I was saying it like ice-eh-lin. My husband knows how to pronounce the Norse names like I know the Greek though, so it's all good :P
    Marian - I find it very romantic too, but yea, the sounds are miss-matched I'll keep it around though

    Imogen -- I actually really love Astrid, but my husband doesn't and we're both being incredibly picky since we have like 3 A names already on our lists (boys and girls) -- My Amazon Author Page

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