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    Penelope the Whimsical Vintage Bird

    Penelope has been my favorite for a very long time. My next girl will be Penelope. As much as Ive arranged it every way possible, I still cant find the right combo. I have a list of around 20 names that are my favorites, but I love them all equally and cant decide.
    Heres my top 4, Im ok with using names from these:
    Hattie Vivian Jewel/ Hattie Cordelia Grace
    Willa Florence Eve
    Phoebe Clementine Hope
    Olive Adelaide Lark

    heres all the Penelope combos Ive had:

    Penelope Lila Eve (as much as I love this, Lila has no special meaning to me, therefore it has to go)
    Penelope Ruby Eve (dont like flow)
    Penelope Olive Jane (love all the meaning, probably my fav of the bunch, but not whimsical enough)
    Penelope Josephine Grace/Blythe/Ruby (love nn Posy from this, but still a bit stiff)
    Penelope Cordelia Wren (feel like im getting closer to what im looking for, Love Penelope Wren, but is it weird to use Wren {i started going by Wren over a year ago. Would that raise eyebrows?}
    Really, I think Im looking for a whimsical vintage bird.... hmm
    Help please!
    Mom to Tess, Kaia, Jasper and dogs Brody, Max and Felix

    *Penelope Sadie Kite* Piper Olive Cordelia* Phoebe Clementine Hope* Hattie Vivian Jewel* Willa Florence Eve*

    *Finn Wesley Joseph* Ezra Calvin David* Judah Theodore Henry* Leo Abram James*

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