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    Daisy as a nn for Magdalene, opinions on Gwennora, & spelling of Rhoswen?

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    1) I think Magdalene is very heavy. I don't mind Daisy as a nickname, but Maggie or Maisie seems much more doable, and they are both adorable (I think). It doesn't seem like you're crazy about either though, if one of them were in your top I'd back you completely, but I think choosing a name that's not your favourite to get to a nickname that's not your favourite is a bit silly. Just saying.

    2) Gwenora is completely legitimate, and it's beautiful. I don't think it looks smooshy at all, but I guess it could look that way for people who aren't familiar with Welsh names. But who cares about those anyway?

    3) Rosenwyn!! It means fair rose in Cornish. Rozenn, Rosen and Rhosyn are Breton, Cornish and Welsh for rose. Then there's Rhoslyn (which isn't related to rose, but moor and lake) and Rosslyn. Rohesia is utterly beautiful, but this is not what you wanted... I think Rosenwyn is brilliant myself. Fair rose, how lovely is that?
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    1. If Margaret can be nicknamed Daisy, why not Madgalen? They are close enough, in my eyes. And it's your deal how to call your child, do you actually care about "huh"? I wouldn't, personally. My daughter has a ton of non-name related nicknames and we are fine with it. By the way, Pip for Peregrine isn't obvious, but your are good with it, aren't you?
    2. Gwenora is legititimate but I prefer Gwenore myself. If you can satisfy you both with it, who cares?
    3. Rosemarie, Rosalie, Rosalin and Primrose are my favorite English rose names(the latter can be Prue as well as Rosie/Rose, isn't it cute?); Welsh ones I love are Rhosyn (rose), Rhoslyn (rose of the valley) and I suppose Rosmerta was a goddess in Gallic mythology.

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    I think that Daisy as a nn for Magdelene would work if you really wanted it to, It's close enough to Margaret in my mind that it make since.
    I really like Gwenora! I prefer only one "n" for a couple reasons 1) it just seems to flow better if that makes any since and 2) doesn't look like a smosh name where as Gwennora is spelled Gwen+Nora. How much do you like Gwenora though? So far you have seemed pretty attached to Gwyneth, do you really want to replace her?
    I would just spell Rose+wyn Rosewyn, that makes the most since to me. I really like the sound of Rosewyn and it seems to fit better on your list imo than just Rose does. My only concern with Rosewyn is would it rule out the Gwen names for you with the similar sounds? If it would then I would stick with Gwen since she's been one of your favorites longer.
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    Marguerite for Daisy works for me because of the translation thing. Magdalene for Daisy... doesn't.

    Maggie or Mae or Lena would make a LOT more sense and be just as light. All three are also easier for me to picture on a range of personality types than Daisy. Daisy seems like a very specific kind of girl, doesn't it?

    Gwenora is beautiful but some people will throw shade. It reminds me of Gwyneira which I really love.

    I'd never heard Rosenwyn before but I am sort of struck by it. It's very pretty. I'll be thinking about this one.

    I do love Rosamund and Rosemary, for different reasons. Rosamund has a certain heavy clunk to it, but it reminds me of really gorgeous antique furniture that is solid and yet beautifully carved. I've been told it's unfeminine, but I think it's just not frilly. It's certainly not stolen from the boys.

    Rosemary is lighter, more herbal. Green perfume. I don't think roses, actually, at all (don't tell your husband) but the blue-flowered herb. It seems clarifying and gentle but grounded. It is all nature but it's NOT hippie or made-up or modern. Rosemary feels very unpretentious, too, and maybe less try-hard than Rosamund?

    Rosalba is pretty form, and legitimate. Speaking of people thinking it's made up, though, I've gotten some very negative reactions to it. It's more unfamiliar than the other two.

    I like the idea of rose + wyn (or wen), but I thought Rhoswyn was pronounced HROZ (rhyme with Oz) + wyn? Even forgetting the Welsh rh- thing, it doesn't sound like rose, I thought, but I could be wrong.

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