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    Help with choosing a name for baby 3 please

    Hello I am expecting my 3rd child in 8 weeks. It's a girl and she will be joining siblings Elena Marisol and Roberto Manuel. Here is the list that my husband and I have:

    Sofia Caridad

    Estrella Pilar

    Isabel Anamaria

    Milagro Natalia

    Liliana Yadira

    What do you think of the names? Do you have any suggestions? Both first and middle name must be Spanish/Latino/Hispanic because my parents and in-laws are from Cuba, so my husband and I want to honor our heritage. Thanks.

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    Milagro Natalia is probably my favorite. I like that both names end in different letters and the first initial is not shared by her siblings. All your choices are so lovely, tho!

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    I think Sofia and Isobel would be perfect!

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    I've always loved Milagro, but wondered if it could be feminized to Milagra (not a Spanish-speaker)?

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    Isabel Liliana or Liliana Isabel sound pretty together.

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