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    With my set up I would be nervous to co shower, but we do co bathe almost all of the time. I have a claw foot so it isn't really roomy for standing & I don't have the option of a detachable shower head. I think it would overwhelm me & my daughter! Co bathing has been the easiest way to both get ready for our day when my husband isn't here. Now that we are night weaning I don't do baths with her as much though & her solo bath is becoming part of bedtime routine & I am enjoying some space & alone time.

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    I co-showered and it was so easy!!!
    He got so cold in the baby bath (our house then was very open and airy, and it was always chilly) and always slid down and squished his boy parts that he hated the baby bath. When I was alone, or we had the time, we would put him in the sink when he could sit up. With a washcloth on the bottom to prevent slipping.

    But his favorite way to bathe as a baby was in the shower. It started at about 8 weeks old I think. I was in the shower, and he peed all over himself and Dad during a changing. i just told Scott to hand him over. And he got his first shower. He loved it!!!
    So, I would get in, get situated, and Scott would pass the baby in. I'd wash him up, we'd play a little while dad threw his towel in the dryer to heat up. Then Dad would take him, and I'd finish my shower. It was fast and easy and awesome. Weston loves water to this day. It lasted until he could stand up, then Dad took over in the bigger shower. Before that, Scott was too afraid of dropping him. But he always loved the waterfall.

    When he was 18 months we moved to a place that had a bath/shower combo. And he began taking 30 minute baths... lots of playtime. He has continued to shower with Dad (because they're both boys) since he was 2, but really it was only for the the hurry factory, he preferred baths.

    When he turned 5 this summer, he was suddenly old enough to shower alone. So now he showers, and usually my husband helps with the washing details. (I'm a girl, and only useful in emergencies.)

    With these 2 babies, we may try the tandem shower method, but our new place has a heater in the bathroom, so I'm thinking baths with bath seats. keep them warm and snuggly.
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    We never had a baby bathtub. I started out bathing him in the sink, then I started taking baths with our son. Now that he is 22 months and can stand up, my husband or I shower with him. He enjoys it, and it is quick and convenient. I'm not holding him, so I'm not worried about dropping him. I know that some people use shower slings (you can make a simple ring sling using that kind of mesh fabric that basketball shorts are made out of) but I never tried that.

    We have some friends from India who designed and built their house. One of the things they have is this ENORMOUS bathtub b/c they all take family baths together- their boys are 5 and 7, I think? I thought that was cool.

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    I have showered with my little ones and I find it so much easier. We don't have a bathtub in our master bath (DH designed the house as a bachelor..), so I can only shower. I think starting at around 6 months worked for us. We also have a seat in our shower, which makes it easier. If I shower with the baby, DH will stand by to take him/her and dry him/her off. Then I can finish my shower. I think it works well for the transition from infant bathtub to regular bathtub!
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    We stay in a flat with the kids from Mon-Fri, and there's only showers, no baths. The bathrooms are teeny weeny so no room for an installation either.
    We got a baby bath seat with suction pads at the bottom and put it in the shower, and also a plastic plug thing to stop the water draining, so some builds up at the bottom of the shower. It works pretty well. He doesn't like being under direct water, so he generally plays outside of the jet and I wash him with a flannel and splash him with the water from the floor. It isn't ideal but still does the job.
    It's useful for if i'm showering too because he can't escape while I have my wash!
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