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    Honest thoughts- Arianwen?

    I just ran across this name and wanted some honest opinions. I think it's gorgeous, but a mouthful and maybe too much for an actual person to be named. However, it has great nn potential! Aria, Ari, Anne...

    Our favorite name (for years) has been Aria, but we feel like we can't use it because our last name is Stark. (Game of Thrones - Arya Stark reference) It's been a big struggle for us to find a name we like equally. PLUS, Aria is becoming extremely popular and that rubs me the wrong way. But if I found an alternative, like Arianwen, and can shorten it to Aria then I might feel better about the name. UG, but I don't know! Please tell me honest opinions- would YOU use this name? Why or why not? I'm tough, I can take it!

    I've posted before about our other names, we're seriously considering Nova and Raina but looking for others. Thanks!

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    Love Arianwen! Such a pretty Welsh name and it is fairly easy to pronounce which isn't always the case

    I prefer it to Nova or Raina actually.

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    I like it! It's long, but very straightforward.

    And like you mentioned, a fair bit of nicknames.

    Mary | Elsbeth | Clotilde | Everild | Beatrix | Junia | Tabitha | Gwendolen | Octavia | Eve | March | Edwen

    Simeon | Lionel | Barnabus | Ezekiel | Hector | Ignatius | August | Jove | Sayer | Booker | Mariner | Cecil | Godfrey

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    I am a fan of the G(wen) names but avoid this one because it is too close to "Aryan". I'm already super pale (and am under drs orders to stay that way as I've already had a melanoma) but don't want anyone getting the wrong idea and thinking we're a family of white supremacists or Neo-Nazis.

    Love Nova. Not sure why you like that one, but if it's the celestial connection, Mira is another lovely option.

    My favorite Celtic names: Anwen, Eira (LOVE), Arwen, Maiwenn, Lilwen, Gwyneira / Gwyneth / Gwen, Seren, Carys, Siobhan
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    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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    Yes, it's one of my favorites. Such a great sound and meaning, Welsh are mostly white lovelies. I have never thought of Aria nickname though.

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