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    Smile Children at the Sheep show

    I was at the New Jersey Sheep and Fiber show today and met:

    Georgia - 9 mos, Great name and what a smiler!
    William (about 2) and George (new baby) - They call the baby Jordy (sp) - what a cutie.
    Lucy, Lily and Leah - maybe sisters or cousins? The two women with them looked very much alike as did the girls. Friends?
    Toby - a girl! her name is Tovah
    Jimmy - ! so surprised to hear that.
    Asia and Maleah (sp?) - might have been twins or very close in age

    The sheep were cute! Naming sheep and chickens will be my retirement hobby. (unless I can get Ottilie or MCLevine to do it for me - LOL)

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