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    Middle name for Nova?

    My husband and I have narrowed the possibilities to two! She will either be named Raina Cadence or Nova (blank). I can't find a middle name that really clicks for me. Since Nova is pretty unusual, I wanted a slightly more classic middle name without it being SUPER common. My surname is Stark. Some that I've been thinking about but aren't sure about:

    Nova Violet (I actually like the double "V" sound)
    Nova Charlotte (bit of a mouthful)
    Nova Noelle (my mom loves the two "N"s together)
    Nova Rhapsody (I know, Rhapsody is NOT common, haha, but we are looking for a musical theme like Cadence and DH doesn't like Harmony or Melody. Is Rhapsody too weird to be paired with Nova? DH likes is a lot, but I'm hesitant.)
    Nova Serenade (same as Rhapsody)
    Nova Charmaine (DH doesn't like)
    Nova Chantal (DH doesn't like)
    Nova Lily

    I don't like really common middle names like Marie or Anne or Catherine or trendy names like Elodie (though very pretty) or Esme. *sigh* Anyone have good suggestions? I feel overwhelmed and stressed and she's due in three weeks!!

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