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    Name game- Part 1

    * This is an all goes game.. you can be heterosexual or homosexual so s.o is either a female or male.. ( that is entirely your choice)

    You are now 22 you met your significant other (options below) Roll
    ^^^^ ^ *You will be using this dice for where you met Q * ^^^^^
    1) Went to school together *Childhood sweethearts , same year/younger or older.*
    2)At college or university (where.. and what did you both study was it the same or different)
    3) At your friends house [friends brother/sisters friend/cousin/ family friend/ friends neighbour]
    4) At a charitable function.. [eyes met and *poof* love at first sight]
    5) At the gym.. ( Partaking in...)
    6) Coffee shop [local before work latte]
    7) Work.. [was he/she higher up or lower than you in the work force?]
    8) the dog park (yes.. you have a dog.. :P )
    9) At the airport ( same delayed flight, caught each-others eye.. )
    10) In church (could be wedding, or just your local sunday church)

    Your name is.... (Begins with a B and middle with an P and last name is a T. if a male can change to a P and B middle if you wish..)
    Your S.O's Name is(E.... Middle name S Last name M - Again you can switch the first and middle initials round if you wish) she/he is (X) years.

    What do you both do..Roll.. (choose for both)
    1) Financial Advisor
    2) Occupational Therapist
    3) Marketing consultant
    4) Database Administrator
    5) Optometrist
    6) Physical therapist
    7) management consultant
    8) Physician assistant
    9) Dentist
    10) Veterinarian

    You are together a good 6 years.. and have recently come back form being on holiday for 3 weeks.. you went to... Please roll..
    1) London- United Kingdom
    2) Rome- Italy
    3)Barcelona- Spain
    4) Sydney- Australia
    5)Prague- Czech Republic
    6)Berlin- Germany

    You have been home from your holiday 2 weeks when (S.O) Asks you to marry her/him.. You ecstatically scream 'YES!!' You have been waiting for this question for what feels like forever!! You tell your parents and they are pleased with your news.. they go by the ''if you're happy then we are happy'' motto. & they love your S.O like they are already part of the family.. and they thought it would be alot sooner than it has been also.. which makes you and s.o chuckle.. Your mother.. (HER NAME BEGINS WITH AN M AND IF YOU WANT A MIDDLE IT BEGINS WITH AN L) starts to arrange it all she is super excited!! You also get your dog back from your parents as the dog had been staying with them whilst you and s.o were on your holiday.

    (how many weeks) Weeks pass and it is now the eve of yours and (s.o) wedding.. you wear... ( you choose..describe/ add link or pic) and (s.o) wears..

    your cake.. (what does it look like describe or add link/pic)

    You choose to have your honeymoon somewhere different.. as you have not long come back from a 3 week holiday. You choose to ..(Decide what they will do without going abroad)

    A year passes and on your 1 year anniversary you take (dog) to the park for a run, when (s.o) asks if you would like to start a family.. You are excited and a little emotional as its something you have always wanted to have with (s.o), and you both look up things straight away. Do you adopt, have surrogacy / artificial insemination Or try for a baby.

    part 2 coming soon.. (hope i've not done too bad)
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