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Thread: Esme?

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    So I found out yesterday that this was a variant of Amy, which is the name I wish I had as a child.
    I also love the meaning of 'beloved'
    I'm sort of liking Esme but my mom burst my bubble today by telling me it was an old lady name... and I can sort of see where she is coming from. Obviously she knew it pre-twilight association (I think the younger generation may be more familiar with it due to this association), I know it because of Esmee Denters who was big on youtube awhile back and got signed by Justin Timberlake (though her album went nowhere).

    #1 What do you think of Esme? (honest opinions welcome)...

    #2 If you don't like it do you prefer Amy? (I know it's dated but the 70s was awhile ago)

    I'm asking now because I'd rather kill the thought at the start than have a bad name grow on me.

    btw I don't mind the Twilight association as it made the name more recognizable but it still is nowhere near being uber popular

    **** I left this post and poll indefinately open so that in the future anyone can bump it and continue voting
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    I think its pretty. Nicer than Amy.
    New username is @ truenature

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    I love Esme! I think it's feminine without being frilly & very classy sounding. I much prefer Esme to Amy (which I find very plain).

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    I think I could like Esme, but the Twilight connection really bugs me. I enjoyed the books, but I think it'll sound dated quickly as Twilight falls out of fashion. I think Amy is more classic.

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    I only know Esme from a Disney cartoon--she was the villain/crone.

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