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    Casey for a boy?????

    Hubby likes Casey. Casey Mitchell. Any opinions??????

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    Not my favorite. The only Casey that I know under the age of 18 is a boy though. I think it's fresher on a boy, less evocative of Casey Anthony, less low-brow feeling, but I don't think it really ages well on either sex. On a boy I guess Casey Casum comes to mind. Mitchell is nicer imo. I think that Casey has a bit of a dated feel to it, but it works. Does Cassius appeal to you? Cassius Mitchell or Mitchell Cassidy? If you're wondering what I think of Casey on a boy, I think it's nicer on a boy really. If you're wondering what I think of Casey in general, I think it's OK but there are so many better names that will age better or feel more current.

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    I think it's fine. It's a little dated and a little nicknamey maybe compared to the average Berry's taste, but it works. It is one of those names that has always remained very gender neutral for me. Other cowboy names are coming in right now so this fits enough. I imagine brothers Justin and Wyatt. Your husband. Might also like Cody, Coby, Cole. I feel like I've heard of a lot of little Kasen/Cayson etc lately and Casey is kind of refreshing.

    You could also pick other names with initials KC maybe.

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    I know a guy named Casey. Not a bad name =)
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    I think it's fine. Though it has been feminized it's not unheard of for a man to have that name.
    Though I'd try to keep it as a nickname if I could.
    If not it's all good

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