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    Favorite un-useable names

    What are your favorite names that you wouldn't actually use on a child, for whatever reason? Why?

    Mine are Hypatia and Paine. Love both for their namesakes. But Hypatia is too difficult to pronounce and even remember for usage imo. And I worry that people would think "pain" like a person that likes to hurt people rather than Thomas Paine.
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

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    My favorite unusable names will have to be Alaska and Fearne for a girl. But I don't think I could use Alaska for a girl as I don't have any personal connection to the name, as well as the strong link to a state in a country I don't live. Everyone will be linking it to the state Alaska and very few will link it with the book. As for Fearne, I love the name but I don't think I could bring myself to use it as a name, it's one of my GP

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    I love Portia but fear people would think "porsche". I also love Ariel but think that the mermaid has claimed it. For boys I adore Jesse but whilst its all "rugged cowboy" in the US it is akin to naming a boy "Nancy" over here........

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    I adore Hypatia. I think it's very usable. It's not that hard to pronounce. My BFF is planning on naming his daughter Hypatia Sophia Adele.

    Names on my list I'm not actually using and the reasons why:


    Alastor -- spirit of blood feuds in Greek myth
    Icarus -- Love it but I know the myth is too much for most people plus I don't like Icky
    Archimedes -- it's just to extravagant. I'm using it as a my new middle name when I present male
    Aristotle -- too much to live up too IMO
    Galileo -- I love it and think it's usable, but not for me
    DaVinci -- OMG so amazing but again, so much to live up to
    Loki (in the first spot) -- this is still on my middle list, but I decided too many people would think of the Marvel character and not the real god
    Zarex -- was going to use it but was told it sounds like a space alien and now I can't think of anything else


    Andromeda -- just too much.
    Echo -- love it but it's too much of a common word
    Thalia -- I get tired of telling people how to correctly say it in Greek -- thay-lee-uh
    Nimiane -- Adore it but no one seems to know how to say it
    Inkeri -- just too unusual for my area
    Siobhan -- no one around here knows how to say it -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Lucifer is the bane of my existence. I love the way it sounds, but I could never use it for obvious reasons. It'll have to be a pet name probably. sigh

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