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    MN needed for Brooke

    So I think my husband and I have decided on Brooke for our daughter's name but are having an interesting time picking a middle name for her. Here is what we have so far:

    Brooke Madeline

    Brooke Elizabeth

    Brooke Emmaline

    **And I like Brooke Olivia and Brooke Addison but her initials would be BOM or BAM and we can't have that!

    Which name do you like the best?? Thank you!

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    Re: MN needed for Brooke

    Hmmmm I'd have to go with Brooke Elizabeth. I think the 4 syllables works well with the 1 syllable Brooke and I love the classic feel of Elizabeth, all 3 are good to be honest though!

    Did you want more suggestions or just opinions on what you have?

    I also like:

    Brooke Evangeline
    Brooke Amelia
    Brooke Penelope
    Brooke Liliana
    Brooke Valentina
    Brooke Seraphina
    Brooke Anastasia
    Brooke Victora
    Brooke Amalia
    Brooke Antonia
    Brooke Carolina
    Brooke Mirabella
    Brooke Viviana
    Brooke Catalina
    Brooke Isabella

    Best of luck!

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    I like Brooke Ann

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    Brooke Madeline is my vote

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    Of your 3 choices my preference would be for Elizabeth.

    Brooke Hazel
    Brooke Elise
    Brooke Cressida
    Brooke Serena
    Brooke Isadora

    Or, if you go with a B middle name you could have cute nickname BeeBee!
    Brooke Beatrice
    Brooke Bianca
    Brooke Bronwyn
    Brooke Brenna
    Brooke Brighid

    EDIT: I just realized, and I don't want to rain on your parade, but maybe you want to move Brooke to the middle spot? If her initials are BM, here in Canada that is common slang for Bowel Movement.
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