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Thread: Give me a K!

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    please....dont misspell a name just so you can use a K!

    that may limit you but some K concoction name would really stand out against your classic Ian & Lewis
    i do not ignore the Rich Text toolbar provided me. i bold, italicize, enlarge, underline and CAPITALIZE for emphasis, individuality, and to capture attention among the endless Arial Standard Size Font that everyone else uses.
    i am not screaming nor will i cosset you. i do this to highlight the most important aspect of my thoughts so they are not lost again in the never ending sea of tiny, black, tempered letters that make up forums everywhere.
    ~*~ i encourage you to do the same ~*~

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    Nah. I wouldn't fill in the K spot. I would just choose a name you love. If you had a short list of 3 names for each sex that you adore, perhaps if one started with K then it would sway you more. That being said, I wouldn't be searching for a K name, but that's just me. Good luck!

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    my name is Kelly and i've always loved my name=) classic but not overly used imo

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