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Thread: Blissent

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    It sounds like a made up name to me. I don't mind made up names but this one sounds very childish.

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    I would be happy to meet one! I usually shy away from the unfamiliar, the names that I look at and wonder if they aren't pronounced as intuitively as I hope, but this name is just happy looking & sounding with Bliss front & center & nickname-ready. It's only possible flaw is that it does sound like it could be one of the Reindeer in the Rudolph song, but somehow I find this charming as well. It makes me think of the name Millicent, but full of sunshine & cheer, if that makes sense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katieydenberg View Post
    I don't get it at all. I'm not typically a fan of B names, but some are better than others - and this one isn't pretty to me.
    Exactly. It sort of sounds like a brand of chap stick.

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