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Thread: Carson Otto?

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    Carson Otto?

    Carson seems to be the only name that my husband and I can agree on and his middle name is Otto and he would like to use it for the baby. My question is, Carson is my best friend's baby's name. She lives in another state though, clear across the country. It just seems weird to me to use the same name. Is it really weird or am I just being weird? lol

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    i agree that it might be weird to use your best friend's baby's name. how old is the baby? if you decide you really love the name, i would definitely ask her if she would mind if you used it for your baby too. some people are particular about wanting a name "to themselves", so i wouldn't want to risk any conflict with her.

    as an alternative, how do you like Carter?

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    Her baby is 3. And yeah, if it comes down to it, I will ask her first. But I have always loved that name../

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    I think if you love it a lot just ask her. Tell her you love the name, you live in a different state and ask her if she would be offended if you used it. Honestly, I have another Caroline in my family and we're only a year apart. I also have a few cousins who have the same names too. I think names that are popular around the time your kids are born end up being used by lots of people. You're not 'stealing' the name. Unless it was your best friend or sister or something I would steer clear, but definitely let her know you are considering it to see if she would be mad. If so, then I would consider options but I don't think it's that necessary.
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    Yup a bit weird-nice to be original I think. but OTTO oh my gosh that name is awesome! Have you considered for a first name? Such a cute but cool name.
    These have a similar vibe to me..
    Carter Otto
    Quinten Otto
    Cullen Otto
    Clayton Otto
    Hudson Otto
    Kolton Otto
    Parker Otto
    Caden Otto
    Devon Otto
    Dallas Otto
    Wyatt Otto
    Dylan Otto
    Gage Otto
    Grayson Otto
    Vance Otto
    Cayden Otto
    Camden Otto
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