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    Oh Otter, I know I keep saying this, but this is my favorite one yet! The pictures you provided are unbelievably magical, especially 1, 3, and 7. I'm listening to the song on repeat as I look for suggestions and come up with combos ^_^

    Euphrosyne - as I said way back when, this is my absolute favorite name to pair with Isolde. The frosty sound, the beautiful myth, and the connection to Aphrodite all make me extremely happy!
    Snow - On the surface this is very literal, but I am reminded of all the Snow White stories, particularly the more empowered interpretations of her in Once Upon a Time and Snow White and the Huntress. There's also many variations on this name, including Lumi, Eira / Eirwen / Gwyneira (!!!), and Rima.
    Lyra - Image number 7 always vividly reminds me of the HDM trilogy. Given Lyra's yearnings for the North and all of her time in places like Svalbard, the name has very wintry associations for me
    Clara - The Nutcracker...perhaps more Christmassy than we're aiming for, but inexplicably linked in my mind to ballet, flowing white nightgowns, hot chocolate, and snowflakes
    Alcyone - I'm on the fence about this one, but she is a wintry name so I'm suggesting her Alcyone is the kingfisher goddess, who nests every winter for two weeks, making the seas calm and peaceful during that time.
    Demeter - seconding the Persephone idea, as this is a perfect winter-into-spring name. Also suggesting Demeter!
    Beira - Celtic queen of winter who rules from Samhain to Beltane
    Astrid - because Image number 3 smacks of Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, just all grown-up and modelesque. I love that character though! And a name meaning "divinely beautiful" can't hurt to throw into the mix, with Aphrodite for a sister
    Celeste / Celestia / Celestine - for the starshine
    Bianca - Shakespearean connection to share with her sister, plus the snowy white image
    Eirlys - if I remember correctly, this means snowdrop! What an adorable image, and perfect for an Imbolc baby.

    Isolde Euphrosyne Winter
    Isolde Gwyneira Celeste
    Isolde Euphrosyne Eirlys - lots of E's, I know, but with the different vowel sounds I think it works
    Isolde Clara Eurydice
    Isolde Lyra Heleyne
    Isolde Seren Alcyone
    Isolde Lumi Elbereth
    Isolde Eurydice Astrid - so icy and strong
    Isolde Heleyne Persephone
    Isolde Euphrosyne Olwen
    Isolde Lucia Celeste
    Isolde Persephone Snow

    My favorite of your established combos is Isolde Olwen Eurydice, but I almost like it better as Isolde Eurydice Olwen, because I think having the "ol" sounds on either end balances things beautifully. I've bolded my favorites from my own suggestions.

    So excited!
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