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    Foxglove is the plant that contains Digitalis which can be used as a medicine or a poison. I read a lot of mystery novels with Foxglove and digitalis. It belongs on a list with Arsenic.

    Bard sounds too much like Bald. It's not a pleasant sound.

    Most of these are too out there for me in real life. Some like Poet and Sonnet would work better as middle names.

    My favorite for the list is Solace. I read a book with a character named Solace and everyone called her Lacey.

    I also adore Sojourner. Big fan of Sojourner Truth.

    I like Atlas.

    Here are my favorite words names:
    Constance (not obscure as name, but not used much as a word)
    Blythe (same as Constance)
    Felicity (same)
    Revere (for a boy)
    Remember (for a girl)
    Reverence (for a girl)

    I left off all my favorite plants or flowers names, because they are too common. Most of the flowers mentioned here are too out there for me in a story, unless for example you are personifying a snapdragon plant in the story. I am surprised Sunflower is not on this list. My favorite flower is Impatiens, but I wouldn't use it as a name. I also really like Amaryllis as a name and a flower.

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