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    Cruella's association is a lot stronger than Ursula's IMO. As essjay said, Disney probably made up Cruella for the movie, while Ursula has been around for a lot longer (it's a minor character in Much Ado About Nothing). I think Ursula would probably be a big up-and-coming name if it weren't for the Disney villain. Maybe 10 years from now people will start to notice it, but for now it's very tied to the character. I personally don't mind the association, but I think most of general public does.
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    I agree with you ladies about both names- I was mainly using cruella as a example since stood out to me the most.

    I think Ursula could be uniquely sweet & even if we could get past the association to try & revive her im afraid she may get made fun of in elementry due to her ties.

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    As pp have said Cruella de Vil's name was invented by Dodie Smith (not Disney) when she wrote 'The Hundred and One Dalmations', and is a play on 'Cruel Devil'. In fact in some translations where the world 'devil' doesn't have quite the same meaning, she's know as Cruella de Mon - 'Cruel Demon'. I don't think the association is ever going to be positive!

    Ursula on the other hand could probably shake it's sea-witch image somewhat if there were a few little real life Ursula's running around. A more modern media reference for the name might be Phoebe's twin sister in Friends, although admittedly she's not exactly a great role model either!
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    Well, Cruella has cruel in it but -Ella ending as well...And I don't find Ursula evil but beautiful.

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    I honestly LOVE Ursula. It is top of my list for our next girl, but my husband thinks it sounds ugly.
    I would never name a person Cruella - it isn't even a legitimate name.
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