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    Girly nick name???

    We love the name Reese for a girl because it is unique and adorable. We named our baby girl this. We chose Elizabeth for her middle name as it was my Grandmother's name that passed. We had our Reese Elizabeth 4 months ago and we feel the name fits her well Since then, we now know 3 baby boys named Reece that have been born after her. Of course before she was born, we knew no Reece boys, only one Reese girl. I never really researched boy names as we were having a girl. It said it was unisex, but beings we didn't know any boys with the name and the charts were definitely in favor of girl (#128 in popularity 2012) we didn't think twice about it.

    Now I am concerned that she will have Reece boys in her class as the three born are her age. I know it is spelled different, but it is pronounced the same. I would feel just awful if she were to be made fun of for this. I know kids are cruel. We absolutely love her name! In case of her hating it or kids in class making fun of it, I was trying to come up with a girly nick name for her. Reese is short and that's what we liked about it. Sometimes we call her Reesie. Any suggestions??? Thanks!
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    I honestly don't think it will be much of a problem. As you stated, the charts are definitely more in favour of female Reeses these days, there's also the Reese Whitherspoon association. There are lots more names that would pose a much bigger problem, naming your daughter James for example.

    As for nicknames, Reesie is cute, but probably won't fit as well when she's a bit older. How about RE, or Ari? It's more feminine feeling, and it comes from her name. The only other suggestions I have are nicknames from Elizabeth. I don't think it'd be a problem though, at least not as big a problem as you're worried it will be.

    Good luck!
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    Reese Elizabeth is a beautiful name.
    It's one of my top favorite names for either a girl or a boy. I just love how it sounds.
    Hmm... here are some of my NN ideas:

    Ree Rea Ria Ry Ri Re Rae Rey Reesie Sisi ReasesPieces Ari (like R-ee) Roo Rue Roro Rara Eesie Essie

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    Reese is will likely be more embarrassing for any male Rhys's in her classes than for her, and then only through middle school. After that the kids should be mature enough (and know each other well enough) to handle it. I wouldn't worry about it, and I don't think a nn is necessary (unless she wants one).

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    NN's for Reese: Reesie, Ri Ri, Ree Ree
    NN's for Elizabeth: Lizzi, Izzy, Ellie

    Reese is so cute though, if my name were Reese I'd always want to hear it! I'd tell the boys to eat their hearts out
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