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    I love your new list .

    My favorites ( random order ) :

    Mars ( LOVE 30 seconds to Mars ! )
    Orpheus : its a favorite but i dont really know next to Cornelia .
    Poseidon : Love it !
    Sherlock : this is one cool name for sure !! And i love the namesake !

    The vs :

    Edmund vs Edmond : I aggree with you , I dont like it next to Cornelia but if i have to pick i would choose definitly Edmund .
    Leander vs Lysander : By far Leander .
    Lionel vs Leonidas : LOVE Leonidas . How cute is Leo & Nelly ?! I was never a fan of Lionel .
    Perseus vs Phineas : Love Perseus far more than Phineas but I think Phineas go most with Cornelia .
    Severian vs Stellan : Stellan by miles . I dont like the sound of Severian .
    Sylvan vs Sylvester : Honestly iam not a fan of either but i would chooce Sylvan .

    I would cut :


    I was sad that Wolfgand gone but i can see your point .
    Currently unavailable.

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    Thanks, Vas! Fine commenting and I just noticed your due date is the same that mine was; though Nelly came three days early, on the 12th.
    And I forgot Hector, he should be somewhere.

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    I like these names for Cornelia's brother.

    Balthazar - I love the sound and look of this name. Cornelia and Balthazar - how cool are they together?
    Constantine - if you don't mind the "Co" pattern, this is a strong name.
    Edmund - He may be more "normal" but the name goes well with Cornelia. I like the "u" spelling much better.
    Harold - I like the shared vintage charm between Cornelia and Harold. I love the nn Hal too!
    Hyperion - I think Hector would be a better "match" with Cornelia.
    Isidore - I love this name but CORnelia and IsidORE are too similar for my comfort level.
    Leander vs Lysander - I'm sad to see Lysander go. I like the name better with Cornelia because Cornelia and Leander both have pronounced "ee" sounds. But if you like lions better than liberators, then so be it!
    Lionel vs Leonidas - Lionel sounds "wimpy" next to Cornelia so I'll have to choose the more exotic Leonidas. I love Leo too!
    Ulysses - I've always like this name - it has a mix of mythology and exotic vintage flair.
    Phineas - see Ulysses
    Sherlock (mn only)
    Thaddeus - I can see Cornelia and Thaddeus as a sibset for sure.
    All the best,

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    I have to go with these as my favorites. Did I miss Balthazar before? Oh, and my DDiL was born in Ukraine and came to US when she was 5. Perhaps we are related by marriage? She is the reason I may have a grandson named Zev if I am lucky! I adore her.

    Balthazar - How did I miss this? What a cool choice.
    Constantine - still absolutely yummy with Cornelia
    Edmund - Love the name, love the spelling
    Isidore - Still rooting on Isadore
    Leonidas - favorite Leo name with Cornelia
    Phineas - The Mary Poppins of your list, practically perfect in every way!
    Sherlock - <sigh> If you use this, let me know so I can start knitting warms for him!
    Stanislav - Still love this

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    Before I attack your list I'm going to (try to) explain what it is I love about Nellster's name and what I'm looking for in the name for future little brother (or sister). Cornelia's (full) name is fun, romantic, beautiful, regal and clunky. It's got a darling nickname. It's the name of someone adventurous, bookish, eccentric and sweet. Cornelia can run around the garden covered in paint and mud, she can play faery, build tree houses, catch crabs, catch fireflies and be the princess and the pea. So I'm looking for versatility, gorgeousness and playfulness. The ones I've put on my ditch list simply doesn't live up to my criteria .

    Balthazar - I still think this is one of your best options for a Nelly brother. Balthazar is so much fun and still has that elegance Cornelia's got too.
    Constantine - I just like this so much! Cornelia and Constantine sound wonderful together, the only thing is... would you need another Co- name for a possible third little one?
    Gwydion - I love this one for you, but do you maybe love Gwenore more for a girl? I don't think you can do both...
    Hector - LOVE! It's one of my all time favourite boy names, and this is a Greek mythology name that goes well with Cornelia! And he's perfection, both the name and the Trojan prince. Hector's playful, stunning and regal. Check check check.
    Hyperion - I also like this with Nell, but it's not my favourite. It's not as much fun as some of your other names.
    Isidore - I think this is another truly great one. It's gorgeous, romantic, fun and quirky.
    Leonidas - Leonidas is like Hector, but a little bit more steaming. A little bit less quirky and more brooding.
    Nestor - I love this name, and the namesake. It's a wonderful name, it's a lot like Hector too.
    Ulysses - Ulysses is awesome. Easily one of my favourites for you, it's so so so much fun! Ulysses and Cornelia. Swoon!
    Phineas - I really like Phineas for a little brother. It's lovely, it's in the same category as Isidore for me.
    Taliesin - Romantic Welsh bard. Love this with Cornelia, it's a great name.
    Thaddeus - Love!!!! Cornelia and Thaddeus would be simply amazing.
    Wilfred - Oh, Wilfred. I blame Ivanhoe for my extreme love for this name. In another life I want a son named Wilfred.

    Ranked by swoon factor:

    I love the rest of your list too. Orpheus and Endymion are wonderful, you know I love them, but for me they just don't go with Cornelia. I prefer Endymion out of these two though, but I like Hyperion better with Nelly. Maybe because it feels more spunky? I get why you like Mars, but for me the God of slaughter in battle is a bit... macabre. As for Edmund versus Edmond, I much prefer the u version. It looks prettier.

    I asked Husband and he said Leonidas, Thaddeus and Ulysses were his favourites with Cornelia.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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