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    Aug 2013
    I only really like Willow Sue out of these. I like the suggestion of Rowan Sue though.

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    I really love Hermione Ann and Willow Sue.

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    Yvette Marie- I <3 this one!
    Rory Sue- I don't really like Rory unless it's for a nn, like an Aurelia or Aurora could be called Rory.
    Willow Sue- I love Willow, but I think it would sound more elegant as Willow Marie
    Tristan Marie- Tristan is far too masculine
    Chantal Lee- I'm not quite sure how to pronounce it, but I do like the name Chantal .
    Hermione Ann- Two words. Harry Potter. Also, the middle name Ann is too short. It looks stunted. I personally like Anne better, because it looks more elegant. (no, my name is not Anne. =D)

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    Thanks for all of the good advice everyone! I showed my friend what you all said and she really appreciates all of your help. She is officially choosing either Rory Sue or Yvette Marie, but she feels torn because she loves them both. What do you guys like better?

    P.S. she's also thinking about the name Kanani.
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    I like Yvette Marie better... but I agree those are both fine choices.
    Congratulations to your friend

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