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  • Ember Antoinette

    10 10.75%
  • Cassia Snow

    37 39.78%
  • Saskia Winter

    20 21.51%
  • Winter Esmerelda

    4 4.30%
  • Matilda Winter

    22 23.66%
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    Question whittling down the list (or trying to) A POLL

    i'm having lots of trouble coming up with a name that my boyfriend and i can both agree on, and that also goes with her older sister's name:

    Alora Belle

    suggestions are welcome! i'm due December 15th.

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    I LOVE Cassia Snow and voted before looking at big sister's name (which is beautiful). Now I'm reconsidering Ember and Winter because I don't like sibling names to end in the same sound, ex: "uh". All beautiful names, though!

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    thanks! i'm worried about the sibling names sounding too similar as well, which is why it's hard to compromise with my boyfriend because he seems to like more feminine names ending in "a." i like the idea of a stronger sounding first name with a flourishy, girly middle name.

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    I would choose Matilda.

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    I votes Cassia Snow as I find it to be a beautiful name.
    However I like Saskia Winter as I think it to be as unique a name as Alora Belle.

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