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    When you used the best name ever for child #1 and now #2 is coming.....

    What to do when you named your first son your all time favourite name that holds so much meaning to you and it's perfect for him...... and now you're having a second son and nothing seems to come up to par?

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    I would think about names that are associated with people and things that hold meaning for you. Maybe the name won't be a perfeect one you have loved forever but the associations you have with it will make it perfect.

    For example,

    Is there a family member, friend, teacher, etc who had an important, positive impact on your life? Maybe you wouldn't to use their name exactly but could find some variation of it that would be perfect. Consider surnames with this well. I knew someone who named his son after his first coach - the coaches name was John and they chose Jack. Other friends named their son of the mutual friend who introduced them using his surname - Sullivan.

    If that doesn't work, aRe there any historical figures or literary or movie characters that you have admired? This might help you associate your second sons name with character traits, personality, or skills that you value. A Harry Potter fan might go with name Sirius because they value loyalty to friends. A Star Trek fan might choose the name Kirk because they admire the Captain's coolness under pressure.

    If that doesn't work, you may want to consider your passions in life and look for inspiration there. If you like hiking, camping and the outdoors, you might want to consider nature names. If you like to travel, you might choose a name of a place you have been that you love.

    Make your second child's name perfect by associating with something life that really matters to you.
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    Arg that's tough. If your first son has your favorite name, what about SO's favorite for number 2?

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    I would make a list of any other boys names that you like/find attractive. Say them out loud with your sons name, compare ideas with your partner and hopefully narrow them down to one you like the most.

    It may not seem as 'perfect' as the first name you chose, but remember your second son will own the name you give him and make it so more meaningful for you good luck
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    The perfect name would be Kellin James or Charlotte Luna (Charlie). However if I had used either of those I would pick Louis (pronounced: Lou-ee) Edward or Cara Violet. I like Sleeping With Sirens so the first boy would be named Kellin for that reason. I picked James as the middle name because I thought it flowed nicely with Kellin. I picked Charlotte (Charlie) for the first girl name because I just really like that name. I picked Luna as the middle name because I really like Harry Potter and I love the character Luna. I picked Louis (pronounced: Lou-ee) for the second boy because I love One Direction and I wanted a name that is recognizable but not too popular or weird. I picked Edward for the middle name because it will always remind me of Harry Styles and he's my favorite member but I didn't think that Harry fit as the middle name and at list he won't have the same first and middle name as Louis Tomlinson. I picked Cara for the second girl name because I like the way it sounds with Louis. I chose Violet as the middle name because I know a Violet and I like the way it sounds with Cara.
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