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Thread: "X" fatigue?

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    "X" fatigue?

    I read on another name blog 2 days in a row, concerns about overuse of the letter X, particularly in boys' names.

    I'm 38 weeks & my boy name forever has been Lennox. It concerns me that a) as a name nerd I never really noticed "X" overuse until it was pointed out and b) People throwing "x" where it doesn't belong (Jaxon etc) dilutes the enjoyment I get out of my baby name. It seems unfair, Angelina Jolie got THREE kids with "x" names and now suddenly it's passe?

    So my question is this: do you think a kid with an "x" in his name will automatically be associated with this time period? Is that a bad thing? Have the high profile "x" name kids ruined the "x" the way Britney ruined Britney, etc?
    Latest list:

    Girl: Emilia, Navy
    Boy: Franklin, Gage

    Mommy to one sweet little boy who I loved naming Lennox Andrew Michael

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    I don't think it's a problem at all! Especially since Lennox is a legitimate name and has been your favorite for a long time. My name is Alexandria, and I've always liked having an X in my name! It's one of the more unusual letters I guess, kinda cool.

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    casilayne Guest
    Lennox is a real name with a real "X" like Max or Xavier. It's the names that willy-nilly throw an "X" in there that bug me: Jaxon, Daxon, Xaiden...I think of these as trendy.

    Lennox is in a whole different league. I find it quite charming!

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    I think that the statement "a kid with an "x" in his name will automatically be associated with this time period" is a bit of a generalization.

    To some extent, kids with newly popular/uncommon or names with Random x's in it will be dated.
    Brangelina has ruined some good names and createdd a trend.

    HOWEVER... I do not think this to be the case with classic names like Lennox.
    Lennox and Knox, I find to be classic, classy names which predate the era and definately will not fall into the category of Jaxon, Maddox or even the female name Pax.

    Lennox is classic and I think you should use it.

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    I think Lennox avoids it because the x is a normal part of the name, not thrown in to be trendy like Jaxon/Jaxton/Braxen/whatever.

    Also the emphasis in Lennox is on the Len, where most trendy x-names have the emphasis on the x.

    I think you're good!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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