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    Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine is gorgeous.

    Gwenllian Calliope Selene- How do we feel about muses with Gwenllian? Calliope is gorgeous, and I like the sound with Gwenllian. Selene has an otherworldly feel to me and I just love it.

    Gwenllian Terpsichore Eileen- Have I mentioned I love the muses? I think so. I like Eileen with Terpsichore because its beautiful, and its close to Elaine, but doesnt have a repeating sound with Terpsichore.

    Gwenllian Cassandra Giselle- I love the way this sounds, and the look of the double L's on paper.

    Gwenllian Ophelia Circe- Just came to mind. I love Ophelia, and it ties her name and Dita's in a way since Illyria is shakespearean.

    Other suggestions:
    Gwenllian Laurel Atalanta
    Gwenllian Alcyone Selene
    Gwenllian Merida Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Moira Atalanta
    Gwenllian Melusine Celeste
    Gwenllian Cassandra Isis
    Gwenllian Circe Giselle
    Gwenllian Ursula Melusine
    Gwenllian Cassandra Eos
    Gwenllian Eilonwy Atalanta
    Gwenllian Willow Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Sophia Giselle
    Gwenllian Circe Atalanta
    Gwenllian Cassandra Irene
    Gwenllian Merida Beatrix
    Emilia Isabel Claire•Nahla Anjali Rose
    Liliana Tallulah Grace•Ivy Emilia Pearl

    Elijah Leon Delaine•Micah Isaac James
    Delaine Legrande Wilder•Silas John Paul



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