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    Girl name for triplets (2 boys, 1 girl)

    The boys names will be Jett and Joel.

    Here are the possibilities and ideas for the girl's name...


    Which name do you like the most and think fits in well with the brothers names ?
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    Ooh I love Jett! The Jett I know has a sister Mia and the Joel's is Gabriella, if those help. I don't like Pearl or Harriet, personally, but I do adore Violet.
    How about Caroline or Coraline? Or just Coral/Cora/Cara came to mind.
    Also Amelia, Claire, Emily (too popular?) Lea/Leah, Laila/Lila/Lilah/Layla.
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    You are really pregnant with triplets??

    If so I like

    Jett & Joel & Pearl. They sound the best imo . Second would have been Violet .

    Do you need any more names suggestions or are you only btw these three ?

    I would love to give you more if you need them
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    Violet sounds the best with the it ties them All together. Joel and Jett share Js and Jett and violet share Ts. Congrats!

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    I like Pearl to go with Jett and Joel.

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