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Thread: Girl name help!

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    Girl name help!

    Hi berries!
    So I posted on boy baby names for help with my top 3. But now it is time for my top 3 girls. Audrey Vivienne has been a long time favourite for us. However I've been finding more and more names that end in ienne. And I really love them! My other 2 favourites are Ava Lucienne and Lucy Adrienne. I do realize that the last 2 are very similar but with one baby I would obviously only use one or the other.

    Do you think you could tell me your favourite out of the 3? Is Ava really too common? I have never met an Ava surprisingly just an Eva pronounced Ava. Do you like these names? Can you think of any other ienne names? Suggestions would really be appreciated!

    Boy combos: Spencer James, Levi Alexander, Zane Parker, Ace Sterling
    Boy randoms: Jonah, Ryder, William, Finn, Jude

    Girl combo: Audrey Vivienne
    Girl randoms: Noelle, Zara, Reagan, Mackenna, Ava, Darah, Adrianna, Lucienne

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    My favourite is Audrey Vivienne.

    She's elegant, demure, and simply stunning. Whereas I dislike the other 'Lucy' combinations I love the name Ava she's pretty and despite her popularity I've only met one thus she feels refreshing to me. Despite loving Ava I dislike her potential middle name Lucienne in my eyes is really unattractive. She sounds like the word obscene. It's probably just me! I also hate Lucy names their just so beige and sound like the word 'loose' something I really cannot get out of my head. Furthermore I love Adrienne she's elegant and classy but I hate Lucy! Therefore my favourite is Audrey Vivienne because their are no flaws in that combination.

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    Audrey Vivienne is my favourite also! Vivienne has been a favourite of mine but never found a combination that I love. They're classic and elegant names that a young lady would carry off well. Lucy and Ava seem so plain and common next to this choice. (As you can tell from my signature I like unusual names and these two aren't my style at all, sorry)
    Name lists still under construction

    Holliday Astrid Mabel
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    Audrey Vivienne is my favorite too. Ava Lucienne is nice, but not as nice as Audrey Vivienne. I don't worry too much about popularity--if you absolutely love a name, you should use it. But Eva is nice; how about Ada, Ida, Aya, or Eve? Again, I agree with pp in that I love Adrienne but not Lucy. Lily Adrienne?

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    I agree, Audrey Vivienne is lovely and my favourite. I like Ava Lucienne as well.

    If you want to find more enne names, a search for names that contain "enne" at could be helpful.

    I looked at a French website just for fun, since most of the names I know ending in enne are French. There were some unusual names, below are some of the less out-there ones. Amazing how many names meant something different or sounded terrible pronounced in English. Some end in aine or ène, which are pronounced as enne.

    Guilène (guee-lenne)
    Mylène (mee-lenne)
    Ségolène (say-go-lenne)
    Valentienne (valence-E-N)

    Good luck!

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