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    Do you find Catherine boring?

    Do you find the name Catherine to be boring? Or do you find it to be timeless and beautiful? (No nn's!)

    Which do you prefer: Charlotte or Catherine?

    I know Catherine has always been popular, but the recent incline and possibility of Charlotte being #1 frightens me and it still doesn't seem...'right'?

    (Surname starts with a V, sounds like hickory)

    Middle name would be Elena (and no, I don't care about the Vampire Diaries reference).
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    I love Catherine! My daughter uses the full name Katharine most of the time (she's occasionally Kat). I much prefer Catherine to Charlotte. I've never been a fan of the harshness of Charlotte.
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    I don't find anything boring at all about Catherine! It's a gorgeous name. I prefer it to Charlotte, though Charlotte Elena sounds better than Catherine Elena Vickory. Charlotte and Catherine are both popular names, but popular in a "classic-all-around-great-names" kind of way, so I don't view Charlotte's popularity the same way I view, say, Emily's. I also don't think it's likely that Charlotte will be #1.

    So to sum it up, I think Charlotte would sound best.
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    Mostly I think it's boring, sorry.
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    I find it extremely boring. I find both Charlotte and Catherine boring, but, of the 2, I prefer Charlotte.
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