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    Easton River: what do you think?

    My husband and I are both into theology and we love that in the second coming, Jesus will come back in the east. So it has a cool meaning that not a lot of people will know about, and river is just a cool name! What do you think?

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    renrose Guest
    It sounds like the name of the river.

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    Aug 2013
    I love Easton, it is a beautiful name. But I agree with above that together it just sounds like a River.

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    madelyn Guest
    I also love the name River, but Easton River is too geographical for me. What about River Easton? It still sounds like the name of a river, but maybe less so?

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    I agree with Madelyn, using River as a mn makes it seem like you are naming your child after a river, if you use it as a fn it sounds better though River is really nms
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