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    Ebenezer too Christmasy?

    I've been looking for a middle name for Clark and I can't get Ebenezer out of my head lately. Biggest problem in my mind is that I've never really liked names that are so completely tied to one person and I'm really not a fan of Dickens (Although I will say that the muppet version of a Christmas Carol is fantastic). I do love the idea of Ebenezer as a symbol of reform. I know it won't likely come up very often being a middle name and all, but my due date is 11/21 and I will likely deliver closer to the 28th. It seems like anything after thanksgiving around here is Christmas, so I'm wondering if you think its appropriate, too much, or silly to consider.

    Also, I'd like some general thoughts on Clark Ebenezer as a combo.

    We are also considering Oscar Damien.
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    While I do love the thought of Clark Ebenezer (they sound really good together!)...I do see how it could potentially be a problem. Really, having your son in November doesn't make a difference than if you were having him in June; most people will think of the Scrooge character after hearing Ebenezer. That or they will start making sneeze jokes (many of my friends and I used to call the character Ebsneezer when we were kids...). I don't's too risky (and believe me I'm nearly fearless when it comes to names...). It's risky because 1) the character was mean (even though later he turns around) 2) kids already find the name very funny (ones I've met any way)

    It sounds sooo nice with Clark...but I think that the negatives definitely outweigh the positive. Sorry ( I know how you feel about the tied-to-one-person names....if it wasn't for exactly that one person my son would be named Eros and a future daughter would be named Madonna haha)

    Have you considered Eben as a middle name instead (it takes out the sneeze jokes as well as the character association but keeps the beginning sound of Ebenezer...)? Clark Eben sounds nice.

    Oscar Damien is nice as well.

    Good luck!
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    to me its NOT Christmasy its just an old man, scroogey name - for obvious reasons.

    but since its mostly hidden as a middle go for it.

    id personally use Clark Eben instead.

    ps the muppet version WAS amazing! ^_^
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    I think as a mn Ebenezer works really well.
    For me it's to Scrooge (pre-reformy) but, if for you it symbolizes the reform then I think it's a brilliant choice to use.
    Please consider it just the way it is and don't shorten or bastardize it to something else.

    It's a distinguished Old Testament name that is so under-used because of the character.
    It is rather handsome and has a great sound to it.
    Go for it.
    You are considering it as a mn not a fn so most people won't even know that Clark E is Clark Ebenezer
    - it's not like you are saddling your child with a name that will be difficult throughout adolescence.
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    Ebenezer has strong family ties for me, so I've always thought of that over Scrooge. Most people are going to go to Scrooge straight away though. I don't want to call it unusable because it isn't. It's just really risky. He's either going to hate you for it or be really neutral about it. I like Clark Ebenezer a lot more than Oscar Damien. Maybe Eliezer if you can't commit to Ebenezer?

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