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    These are my suggestions for you

    I feel that all of these names are modern classics that also have a vintage feel, which may appeal to you. Since they peaked in the US a decade or more ago they can be viewed as dated by some and may appeal to your husband's retro taste.
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    I'll try to mix in both of your styles. Here's some names to take a look at.

    Laura / Laurel
    Amelia nn " Amy"
    Cynthia nn " Cindy"
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    I love Natalie, and I actually think it sounds quite cute with Brenna! The others sound very "stuck" in the 80s-90s and don't sound fresh to my ears.

    Other names you might be interested in might be:

    Amy - this is sweet and underrated, I think.
    Ellen - classic but not super common.
    Genevieve - has the "Jen" sound from Jennifer/Jenna, but is more "current" and classic.
    Elizabeth - classic and timeless. Tons of nickname potential.
    Sarah - popular at the same time as the names your husband suggested, but definitely a classic.
    Megan - definitely popular in the 80s and 90s, but I think it works today, and I like it a lot with Brenna.
    Anna - could be a good compromise, but maybe not with Brenna? Not sure.
    Victoria - I think Victoria with the nickname of Tori could be really cute! I like it with Brenna.
    Carly - This works great on its own, but might be a good nickname for Caroline. I love it with Brenna! Callie or Cara also could be nicknames for Caroline, and I think they sound cute with Brenna.
    Laura - another classic name that sounds nice with Brenna.
    Katherine/Kate/Katie - classic, could be a nice fit with Brenna.

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    How about something a little more "robust"?
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    Thanks guys! The good news is, I think most of these suggestions are the exact "style" I was aiming for. I don't mind names that might be considered dated-- just gives us a better chance of not having a child who shares the same name as all her friends. Bad news is, for one reason or another, I can't use most of them! I love the suggestion of Megan, but I have a sister Meghan so that's out. Kate/Katie is my name so that's out. Amy, Allison & Lauren are all very close cousins. One name that I am not totally ruling out is Jillian. I looove it but would love to use the full Jillian as often as possible- I know the nn Jill is inevitable, but at least I could avoid it at home. I do have a cousin Jill though (I know, more cousins!) but she is just Jill alone and much older than me, so maybe that wouldn't bother me as much. I posted recently about Vanessa and I looove it but it sounded a bit off with Brenna I felt, especially since I'd probably use the nn Nessa. I think we would agree on Rachel if that's what I chose, Natalie might take convincing, and if it were up to my husband I know he'd want Hayley (out of the options I listed above). I actually really like the name Hayley, but have always counted it out, I don't really know why.. I guess due to its popularity? That's why I am keeping it on the list for now. I don't want popularity to steer me away from any names. Another name I saw suggested that I know my husband would love it Alyssa. Melissa was a name I always liked growing up (I never knew any) but he grew up with several. Neither of us would know any Alyssas because the "surge" came in later years. I actually find the name beautiful but can't imagine myself using it (can't pinpoint why) so I'd almost be afraid to mention it to my husband because I know he would be sold! Ahh I don't know if this got me anywhere, but its nice to have more names to look at.. and even nicer to know some of you have husbands that lean toward these names as well! I should have also mentioned my stepson's name is Mason (thanks for remembering Ash!) and since Mason and Brenna go so well together, I don't want a name that is totally out of sinc with them. Thanks for all the suggestions, and feel free to keep em coming if there's any possible way there could be more

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