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    Breastfeeding question :)

    I plan on exclusively breast feeding for the beginning on my sons life, but I find theres so many fuzzy lines on when to introduce foods and when to wean from the breast.

    On introducing semi-solid foods, a lot of sites average it to 6 months old. I'm confused on whether it means you should introduce these foods around then, or you can introduce them then. I know baby needs to be able to sit up, wrap lips around a spoon, and of course needs to be capable of swallowing and digesting these foods. And I know not every baby is the same so not every baby will reach this developmental stage at the same time as another baby. Are any babies exclusively breastfed throughout the entire first year? Or what about until 9 mo old? Though I know introducing foods takes time, like a single food item per week and not much of it, I still like the idea to ebf for as long as possible.

    And on weaning.. I know this is a very personal question and the answer is different per mother, but I'd still like to hear some opinions on when you either plan to wean your child or when you actually weaned your child (and the difference in timing if you planned one age range and turned out not doing so). I am for sure going to bf for the whole first year. A lot of websites seem to encourage even until they are 2. And some websites even say its great even longer! I have mixed feelings on if I'll bf my son when he's older than 2 but I've got time to decide. On one hand I love all the benefits they say there still is, on the other hand it seems a tad strange for a child that old to still be on the breast. Though I was thinking if he likes to nurse to sleep then why not continue until the time seems right to wean him off.

    I'm not due until Dec 1st, and this is my first. So I've no experience here. I know even if I plan something now I may very well change my mind by then. But I'd love to hear pro's and con's either way, maybe even links to educational websites?

    Thank you berries!

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    My advice is to feel it out once baby is here and to consult your ped.

    I still nurse my 1.5 year old at night, but we cut out day nursing at about 1 year. I never really read much on the topic, I just did what felt natural. In retrospect I wish I had read a little bit and made more boundaries about when & where nursing happened once my daughter was around 9 months or so.

    I never exclusively breastfed, I had to supplement here & there in the beginning and I never felt bad about it or anything.

    Kelly Mom is a great resource about breast feeding. You could also look into Baby Led Weaning which I did a version of. I also suggest the Munchkin fresh food feeder for avocado or banana as a first food.

    Good luck! Once baby is here a lot of your questions will answer themselves!

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    Thanks taz! Its true its hard to tell before babies here what will be right for him. I'm hoping I can exclusively bf, though in a breastfeeding kit I got from the birthing class I'm taking it included a can of formula. So holding on to it just in case

    I'll look into all three sites and see what I find! Its nerve wracking because I want to be as prepared as I possibly can in hopes of it making a smoother transition into motherhood, however I know theres only so much one can plan ahead. And half if not most the plans all change depending on your babies needs.

    Thanks again!

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    I can't answer too many of your questions since I'm still early in this, but for what it's worth...

    I've exclusively breastfed so far (daughter is 6 weeks). It hasn't always been smooth sailing but so far I've been lucky to have good supply and a reasonably cooperative baby.

    My goal was always only to give it a good effort since I know many women who have struggled. I reached my first goal of 6 weeks, now were aiming for 3 months, then we will be thrilled to get to 6 months, etc.

    My understanding on solids is that food is "dessert" early on and your milk remains their primary food source at six months.

    As taz said, Kelly mom is great. I'd also recommend finding your local la leche league for support. You can even meet up with them before baby if you want to meet other bfing moms and ask questions.
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    Breastfeeding isn't possible for me (I have no breast tissuie) so I can't offer advice about that but I do understand about introducing solid foods to babies As I have food allergies myself I consulted an imunoligist/allergist before introducing food. His recomendation was the same for both breastfed a d formula fed babies. He said one singular food (we used pumpkin) should be introduced at 6mo and they have only that one food as "dessert" (after milk) for 2 weeks to a month before introducing other foods. Then introduce one new food every 4-5 days after that. Avoiding high risk foods (eggs, nuts, shellfish etc.) at first but not for an excessive period. He didn't recomend waiting until say 9mo to introduce solids as the risk of developing food alergies increaces. It varies though if the baby was prem, has milk allergies, health issues etc.

    We did puree's with Elizabeth and Baby Led Weaning with Annabelle. I think both methods work well but it depends on the baby and how much mess you can handle. BLW can get very messy

    When you first introduce solids milk is still the main soutce of nutrition (weither that's breastmilk, formula or both) What I think is always good to remember is 'Food is fun before one!'
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