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    Success!! ::fistpump:: I'm so excited that we managed to find so many middle ground options for you guys!

    Off the top of my head, there's Meg from A Wrinkle in Time and Meggie from the Inkheart series to add to the growing list of pros for Magnolia and Magdalene. I'm sort of rooting for Magdalene for you. Magdalene Zora, Magdalene Violet....Magdalene Rose nn Dagny could be the perfect marriage of your tastes, and makes a stunning counterpoint to Ev3 An@stasia.
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    Willow - I get the beautiful imagery from Kenneth Graham's book The Wind in the Willows. You could do a cute weeping willow theme for her room or something!
    Scarlett nn Lettie - this is just beautiful! Love the nn Lettie for Scarlett.
    Violet - you could do Lettie again here! Violet is a character in A Series of Unfortunate Events, the movie The Incredibles, and in the TV show Downton Abbey.
    Daisy - The Great Gatsby, of course! There's also a main character Daisy in How I live now (I love that book), and the flower daisy is just gorgeous.
    Gwenyth nn Gwen - in the Enid Blyton book series Malory Towers there's a character named Gwen! I love this name for you SO MUCH!
    Rose - there's always Rose in the Titanic, and the flowers are gorgeous.
    Amaryllis nn Rilla - there's a YA book called Cringe that is absolutely hilarious, and the main character is a girl named Amaryllis.
    Zora - Princess Zora in The Frog Prince
    Magnolia nn Mia, Meg, Maggie, Lia, Nia or Molly - agree with @sleepysessha above - the character Meggie in Inkheart is beautiful. I ADORE that series. Incidentally, my cousin is named Meg and she gets nothing but compliments!
    Magdalene nn Dagny, Maggie, Meg, Magda or Lena- Meggie again, as above.
    Wendy - Obviously, Peter Pan. In the real story, Wendy is a gorgeous, kind and caring character. LOVE LOVE LOVE Peter Pan! I have the most beautiful illustrated copy. You could do a "Neverland" theme in her room!
    Serafina nn Fia - Serafina is queen of the good witches in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. I've always loved the name Lyra from those books too! She's also a character in the Australian book Looking for Alibrandi (I think that's the title...) but the character gets Sera for short. I much prefer Fia!
    River - what beautiful imagery this name has!
    Best of luck! All of your names are absolutely gorgeous. If I *had* to pick my favourites for you, I think I'd go with:
    Daisy, Wendy, Gwenyth and Magdalene.

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    Aw, great news! I am so happy for you and that's amazing that you have finally found a common ground. And here come middle names, yeah?

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    What a gorgeous list you have!! Woohoo! I especially love, Willow for you ( I think I have mentioned that ) but all of them are very pretty!
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