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Thread: Isidore?

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    I like this name but is it too pretentious sounding?
    Does it sound feminine?
    It doesn't to me but I have seen some people seem to think so.

    Nickname Izzy?
    Or is that also too girly?

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    I think it is a beautiful male name.

    The thing about it is that it's highly reminiscent of Isadora and Isabelle... which is what people will associate it with.
    As it is not a popular name, and the female versions are, that is what people think of.
    I agree it is a masculine name in the style of Theodore vs Theodora.

    But we are in the gender-bending name age where Isabeau (beau as in the male version of belle) is a female name.

    I think it is masculine sounding, and I googled it and saw that it is a legitimate name with tons of history behind it.
    I would wait it out to see what other people say 1st.

    But my vote is it is a lovely masculine name; One that I actually love.

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    No I do not think it is pretentious.. it is no more pretentious than Isabelle or Theodore

    I may go with something a little more spunky for a nickname like Sid to distinguish him from all the Isabelle Izzys
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    not pretentious, but most boys would be embarrassed to have such a feminine sounding name.

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    There are some in my family tree. It's a very old-fashioned name, for good and for bad. It has a Victorian-era steampunk quality to it, to me, like Ambrose or Thaddeus. I like it. The other option for a NN I thought of aside from Izzy was Ike - I've known plenty of Ikes who were Isaacs but also some Isaiahs and I think an Isidore?

    I prefer it to Theodore, which it reminds me of a lot. Theodore doesn't do it for me.

    I don't think some Izzys being Isabellas ruins Isidore for boys any more than some Jacquelines going by Jack ruined Jack for boys. Or Billie ruined William? Most male names have either feminizations with an -a on the end or a female name that shares a nickname?

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