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    The Quest for Cleopatra's Middles

    We're starting with Cleo Leo Panther Panda; the lovely Cleopatra.

    Cleo's difficult because the image of her is so strong, but I've come to get a feel of how she is to me, and I'll try and explain. Cleopatra's the ocean lulling in on a beach*. She's building sandcastles, dancing and skipping in the water's edge, listening to the ocean sound in seashells. She's gold dust blowing in the wind, catching fireflies and chasing butterflies. Cleo's got two distinct sides, bubbly energetic happiness and melancholy craving solitude. She's mysterious and catlike, powerful and haunting.

    *an English beach, beige-white sand, stones, rocks and trees and flowers. Not a hot beach, she'd probably need to bring some throws, a thermos with hot chocolate and woolen socks.

    Names in my mind:
    Cissea ("to wreath with ivy")
    Selene (but Cleopatra herself named her daughter with Mark A. Cleopatra Selene, cheesy or cool?)

    These are the combos I'm liking:
    Cleopatra Cissea Giselle
    Cleopatra Sophia Selene
    Cleopatra Cissea Selene
    Cleopatra Cissea Yvaine
    Cleopatra Laurel Yvaine
    Cleopatra Veronika Yvaine

    Sights & sounds:
    one - two - three - four - five - six

    I tried to find a song, as I always find it helpful with a sound to create a name, but I couldn't find a specific one. Something like Azure Ray would work though, happy melancholia.

    So, go nuts! Suggest names or combos, or both. If you want to do combos; 2 middles, surname is either two syllable starting with D or a hyphenated 2-1 syllable, initials L-E.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Cleopatra is amazing! It strikes me as a beautiful name. What's your daughter's name though? That would help. Cleopatra Guinevere Celeste, maybe? That may be too long though. Depends on your surname. :-)

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    The only mn I'm not crazy about is Cissea. I like the meaning but it's too prissy and lispy for my personal taste.

    Cleopatra Celeste Yvaine (fave)
    Cleopatra Selene Laurel (hey, who else will know about Cleopatra's daughter?)
    Cleopatra Laurel Veronika
    Cleopatra Giselle Sophia
    All the best,

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    Ooooh middles!

    You have such a way with making words become very vivid images. That's quite the gift.

    I like
    Cleopatra Sophia Selene
    Cleopatra Laurel Yvaine

    Cleopatra Laurel Selene
    Cleopatra Laurel Celeste

    Not as good as others with the combos but I really like the pairing of Cleo with Laurel, Selene, and Celeste. Cissea is cool but it is a little hissy.

    Love your updates!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Cleopatra Giselle Celeste
    Cleopatra Giselle Yvaine
    Cleopatra Yvaine Giselle
    Cleopatra Sophia Celeste
    Cleopatra Sophia Giselle
    Cleopatra Selene Giselle
    Cleopatra Laurel Veronika

    You might want to avoid Cleopatra Selene because it was the big Cleo's daughter, but it's still a very pretty combination.

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