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    Baby girl named

    Meant to post back in June so you could keep track, but we named our new daughter Delphine Roxy. Her brother is Monterey (Monty) Riley (born in 2007).
    Nameberry was extremely helpful to us in coming up with a small selection of names. We had narrowed it down to a first name of Cordelia, Cambria or Delphine, and the week before she was born the name Cambria appeared on the cover of the PBK catalog so that was out.
    We named our son after one of our most favorite places on earth and knew we needed a girls name that would stand up to it. Her middle name is my aunt Roxanne's nickname. She is also my godmother. We were going to go with the full Roxanne but I thought Roxy rolled off the tongue better, and it fits her better, too. She has spunk!

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