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    Eric is my first impression and I like the idea of him taking a name from a college. Eric Young after BYU or Eric Jones after Bob Jones Uni.

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    I do like the idea of a college paired with a name that would be relatively common! If anyone has more college names that aren't super obvious (like harvard or yale etc), hit me! He definitely wouldn't do a meaning search online to decide his name haha. I've also thought about maybe using makes/models of cars since his business is related. Ford, Torino, etc.

    For various reasons, he would not use the following: Charles, Frank/lin, Baylor, Maurice/Mario, Neal, Steve/n, Augustus/Gus, Smith, Pentico, Dennis, Monroe, Bryan, Cantrell and any too similar.

    Thank you for all your suggestions!

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    What year is this by the way? It would affect the make of car choices

    Aston Brown? Like Aston-Martin cars and Brown University?

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    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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