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    I really can't help you with if Sydney for an Australian would be an odd name or not but I do have a bit of experience of having a name that is similar to the place I live in....

    My fn is Alexandra and for a about 1/2 year I lived on Alexandria Ave, in Alexandria. (My roommate at the time choose the place, it was a great apt and he thought it would be funny). I can't tell you how many times I'd order in food or call for a cab and they plain just wouldn't show up. Thinking I was calling as a prank. Sometimes the mail wouldn't get to me because they assumed it was incorrectly labeled. It got to the point where I had to order everything under my roommates. I applied for jobs and they though I had made up the address and would throw my application away without considering it. (These were jobs in Alexandria, sometimes blocks away from our apt -> people aren't always smart). I know this because a friend of mine found my application in the trash at her work and asked her boss why I hadn't been considered for the job. Now a daughter of yours will most likely not live in Sydney House, on Sydney Ave in Sydney but .... if living in the US, where people are often named the same as city's, brings up unforeseen circumstances - I'd imagine you might get interesting responses to a name like Sydney in Australia where it's much less common.

    That said. With a great solid mn like Roxanne. If you love the name Sydney go for it.
    If your child feels it's too out there for her she can always go by her spunky and classic mn.
    It's not like you aren't also giving her a fabulous alternative to choose.
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